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    Reading over the menu for the new Aquarium Life AquaLife Reef Cafe sounds more like a menu from a coffee shop or health food cafe that food for your reef tank. Taking a novel approach, AquaLife Reef Cafe allows you to mix-and-match four base food components to create your own unique nutrition regimen.

    The four base components are:

    Reef Café Brew Base-A solution of inorganic ions, micronutrients and stabilizers used for mixing and dispensing the other three components.

    Reef Café Zoo-ka Moka—A zooplankton component consisting of whole freeze dried copepods and processed copepod products in concentrated form in a shelf-stable liquid. This component is a rich source of astaxanthin, which helps maintain vibrant coloration in reef fish.

    Reef Café Phyto-Frappe— A concentrated, shelf-stable phytoplankton component including whole cells and cell fragments of Spirulina and Chlorella algae, both carefully cultured and processed to retain maximum nutritional value. Providing complex protein and phytochemicals, this component also supplies omega-3 fatty acids and a full spectrum of vitamins.

    You can store your Reef Café blend in a refillable dispensing bottle and can be individually formulated. For example, if an aquarium primarily contains soft corals that would feed on phytoplankton, the company suggests adding a double dose of Phyto-Frappe, and little or no Zoo-ka Moka. AquaLife provides suggested recipes as starting points and welcomes dealers and customers to experiment with the components to develop tank specific recipes to meet individual needs.

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