RSS modular LED aquarium light in a waterproof and machined aluminum housing

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    aqualed-led-light-3.png is a new company from Germany which will soon be releasing a new line of LED reef aquarium lights. The lights are machined from a solid aluminum housing and are IP67 waterproof rated, so they are sealed good and tight to prevent against moisture. Since the design of the housing is completely devoid of surface area-enhancing features we suppose that the LED light contains as much mass of aluminum as possible to diffuse through the housing. What the light lacks in aggressive cooling it makes up for in looks. At least the thickness of the entire unit is only 16mm, about 3/8th of an inch, and the passively cooled light is quite a svelte LED light.

    The light is built from modules of 24 Cree and Nichia LEDs that are driven at one watt each. The 24x modules come in three color ratio options, a 100% white, a 70% white to 30% blue and a 50/50 combination of both white and blue. The modules are used to build up at least three fixture designs including rectangular and square models with four modules, and a longer rectangular model with six modules. We’re particularly smitten with the square light as it appears to have an array of modules which are placed in a way that suggests the fixture should be supported from the center, as in the image of the display above. The AquaLEDs lights will land in January and pricing is to be determined. Continue reading for a handful more pictures of theGerman AquaLEDs LED light.

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    that is awesome.

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