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    Color us surprised by the new Configurator on the website which allows a buyer to custom pick many, many details of their lights prior to ordering. Just a short month ago we reported on the interesting looking AquaLED lights which are totally flat, machined from aluminum and come in a few different shapes. With the configurator it now appears that you can choose anywhere from one to eight modules of their 24 watt modules which come in three ratios of blue to white colors. Additionally, the fixture can be finished in aluminum, white or “different color powder coating” which the configurator only shows as blue. Screen-shot-2011-01-06-at-10.03.55-AM-300x161.png

    More interesting is that the webpage allows you to also select the the width of your fixture, as if you would be matching it to the area of your aquarium for aesthetic reasons. We are still very concerned about the variability of the mass of the heatsink and lack of surface area enhancement. These two screen captures illustrate the wide range of power input to passive heatsink capacity which will also have a great impact on the lifespan of LEDs in the light fixtures; As we’ve configured them the three module fixture below will last a great deal longer than the eight module system above. The prices starts at €272 for the smallest one module light all the way up to €3200 for the largest eight module fixture.
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