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    Forget the specs, the features the dimming and the lightning – just take a look at this awesome LED light built by AquaLEDs.DE. This stunning cylinder aquarium displayed at InterZoo 2012 looked every bit like a giant vase of showy freshwater plants. With the lid so well recessed, we walked by this display a dozen times thinking that the light was coming from the stage lighting. It wasn’t until Matthias walked us over and lifted the lid that we even noticed and learned that AquaLEDs.DE makes such a crazy looking and stealthy LED lighting “fixture”.


    With such exquisite and precise craftsmanship, AquaLEDs.DE was able to*custom*produce this LED light with a routed edge that fit neatly into the tall glass cylinder to make a one-of-a-kind display. Like their flat-panel AquaPad LEDs, this circular LED light is cooled by a solid mass of aluminum that makes up the entire light. It may not necessarily be the cheapest, brightest or most feature rich LED light available for aquariums but as far as sheer looks go the AquaLEDs AquaPad LED are really, really cool looking. This is the kind of light that your “civilian” friends are most likely to comment on.

    If you’re tired of seeing us share with you all these exotic LEDs from faraway lands have we got some good news for you. We were recently made aware that several AquaPad LEDs will be on display at MACNA this year. For those of you attending the big reef shenanigans in Dallas this weekend, if you want to see an impossibly stealthy, thin and sexy LED light be sure to walk over to the Hi Def Corals booth as they should have one or two of the AquaPads for you to gawk at. They may even be selling them at super special show prices, even taking pre orders of AquaLEDs AquaPads in America for the first time ever.


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