RSS’s AquaPad are impossibly thin, much cooler and brighter than you’d think

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    When we first saw the AquaPad LEDs from we were convinced that these anorexic LED fixtures with no real heat shedding qualities would be pretty dim, run very hot or both. Thankfully, we got to see a large two by four foot AquaPad LED light in the Preiss Aquaristik booth at InterZoo 2012 and the AquaPads are pretty cool. At just a mere 3/8th of an inch thick, the AquaPad LED light is impossibly, unbelievably thin and it has definitely been engineered for a certain look and application.

    The first thing we did when we came across’s display was to stroke their AquaPad all over, looking for signs of heat but despite any obvious fins or ridges to help dissipate heat, the huge mass and surface area of the AquaPad LED was one of the coolest we’ve ever touched, even cooler than many lights that have heat fins. You won’t be growing shallow water Acros with an AquaPad but if you want a super cool display of chalices, scolies, ricordea and other medium light corals, the evenly spread one watt LEDs found in the AquaPad are more than enough lumens.
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