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    AquaInno, previously known as SMDAquaristik, has come up with their own high end solution to DIY modular aquarium fixtures called the AquaInno I and AquaInno II. There are plenty of DIY LED fixtures on the market, but these are different. Not only do these fixtures appear to offer superb build quality, putting these together should be very easy, with no soldering required. The instructions for assembling the AquaInno fixtures seem extremely straightforward, so easy in fact that we are able to understand them in German, and we don’t speak German.

    What is especially neat about these AquaInno fixtures is that you can combine a group of fixtures into a single large fixture. So basically if purchase a single AquaInno I module for your nano aquarium you can use it as a fully functional fixture, and if you decide to upgrade to a larger tank you can add another three more, or however many depending on your tank needs. Pop them into the AquaInno I bracket, do some rewiring and install the cover, and you got a new sleek looking fixture.

    If corals starting to grow in and you want more light, you can just slide in another fixture without the need to worry about additional timers and outlets. The AquaInno fixtures will come in two flavors, the AquaInno I and the AquaInno II. The AquaInno I will feature a single multichip LED, while the AquaInno II will feature a row of three multichip LEDs. Each multichip LED will be available in a 30 watt, 50 watt or even 100 watt flavor and will come in a 12k or 465 nm colorspectrum.


    Installation of the AquaInno I and AquaInno II should be very straightforward. Each basic AquaInno I kit comes with a pre-drilled heatsink,* LED chip , fan, cable, screws, and power supply. While each basic AquaInno II kit comes with three LED chips, two fans, cables, screws and a power supply. To install just screw the LED chip(s) onto the heat sink, run the wiring and install the fan(s) on top. In the case you want to use it as an individual fixture you can just add a heat sink bracket and fan cover along with a mounting kit. In yhe case you need a larger fixture you can just forgo individual covers and just get the larger bracket instead, complete with covers that slide in between the units. The covers that slide between the units additionally include a wire coupler making combining the units a breeze


    Combining AquaInno units is not just confined to the mounting bracket either. You could basically run the fixtures in any configuration you’d like. In case you are running your fixtures inside the hood and don’t need to cover, no problem you can just get a basic railing system. If you have a longer and narrower tank, again no problem you can just mount them length wise rather than side wise with optional railing. Have a really really deep aquarium? still not a problem, just get the 100 watt LED Chips for your fixture. The possibility for these fixtures are basically endless, and the ease of expandability is pretty crazy. The AquaInno I is priced at very competitively at 140 euros (around 180 dollars) for a kit with a 50w LED chip, while the AquaInno II is priced at 240 euros (around 310 dollars) for a kit with two 50w LED chips and one 30w LED chip.











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