Aquaillumination Prime

11 Oct 2012
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Hi guys
Anyone using the AI Prime over their tanks yet,
Looking at getting one for my tank.
Yeah i read somewhere that Ecotech have bought them over so the quality shoud be 1st class.:thumbup:
Awesome units one of the best, echotech and ai has joined forces, they are available through us and all sponsors here
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Question was directed to AI support

Hi, considering buying a few of these but i saw mention that if the power goes off it doesn't retain its settings would that be true or false please?

Thank you for contacting EcoTech Marine. The light will retain it's setting assuming the light is only without power for an hour or so. Any longer you will need to sign into your MyAI app and reprogram your Prime(s)

Why the support guy thought i contacted Ecotech about AI Primes is a worry also...Ecotech = Radion ain't it
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