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    AquaIllumination has had a very big year so far and to celebrate, they’re throwing a little shindig and contest at MACNA in Denver this weekend. As part of their booth AI is setting up a fully loaded Innovative Marine 120 gallon Nuvo Shallow Reef Aquarium with four Hydra52 LEDs and two Vortech MP40s – and they want to give the whole set up away to one lucky winner.

    All you need to enter the “Only One” aquarium giveaway is to stop by the AquaIllumination booth some time between this Friday and Saturday and simply ask an AI representative how to enter. Furthermore, on Saturday night from 4:30pm until the evening banquet starts, there will be an informal get-together at the AI booth with free beer and refreshments, as well as a whole gaggle of fellow AI aquarium product enthusiasts.

    We know that AI also has some special announcements up its sleeve and we look forward to seeing the full release of what’s next in the future of AquaIllumination products.

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    I wonder how many reefers would have attended our Expo if we could afford to give away a grand price like that.

    And free beer....

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