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8 May 2007
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Aquaforest is a new company from Poland that makes an interesting line of reef aquarium additives. Aquaforest products seem to mirror many of the additives we’ve seen from Zeovit and Fauna Marin, but they are really emphasizing the probiotic functions of all their supplements.

We’ve heard this same probiotic aquarium refrain time and time again from a myriad of different aquarium companies like Prodibio, Cobalt Aquatics,Tropic Marin and many more. The point is that many companies are leaning too hard on the probiotic features of their product but at the end of the day, reefers need to see results, the proof is in the pudding.

As a new company in the aquarium market, Aquaforest knows that it has an uphill battle to climb in introducing its product in an already crowded market. This video of an aquarium loaded with more than 250 Acros and using all Aquaforest products is a step in the right direction, and precisely the kind of evidential promotion that we like to see.

What strikes us most about this video is how well the colors are defined on each of the different species and strains of Acropora. You can clearly differentiate between the various shades of pink, green and blues and the polyps are so well extended that all the colonies look shaggy. It’s hard to say if the Aquaforest products are specifically responsible for the great health and vitality of this particular crop of Acros, it could be simple good reef aquarium husbandry, but in the meantime we’ll be looking for more examples of successful stony coral tanks that are supplemented with Aquaforest additives.
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30 Mar 2010
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Wow! I have heard of this company but never really checked their products out. Would also be interested to know if it is due to the product dosed or just good husbandry...
14 Jun 2015
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Does anyone know if anyone local(SA) is working on bringing in these aquaforest products?

Is there any interest here to have a show of hands for who would be interested in these product so i can try twist someones arm to bring some in?
For the probiotic reef salt there's 24 x 22kg buckets to a pallet

I could put myself down for 2 or 3 i guess
I'm also interested in the bacteria Pro Bio S/F + NP Pro & probably up for trying some of the other too but just exactly what i'm not too sure whats what.

Anyway - If your interested could you bounce a reply so i could use it as some arm twisting ammo.

The product guide is here -

This part here doesn't lend itself to0 nicely to just getting it in via "normal" routes
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