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8 Jul 2008
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Good Day Reefers,

The long awaited Aquaforest coloured base rock will finally be hitting SA shores end February.

A hand-made white synthetic rock made of compounds of similar composition to natural live rock. Unlike synthetic ceramic rocks, AF Rock is very light and easy to work with.

The rock can be cut, broke and easily joined using AF Stone Fix. Due to the newest technological processes, AF Rock has a very high porosity.

The rock can be used as a filtration medium for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The ease of colonisation by beneficial microorganisms significantly shortens the maturation of the aquarium, especially while using Bio S bacteria.

The set contains rock shelves, lumps and branches. The manual manufacturing process of AF Rock guarantees the uniqueness of each set, as well as providing a one of a kind shape to each piece. Due to the fact that AF Rock is free from harmful chemical compounds and toxins, it’s completely safe to use and increases the biological filtration volume in the aquarium.

They are available in boxes of 10kgs each :thumbup:

Retailers please email for more info :swim:

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