Aquaforest needs Your help ...!!! (2019 Aquaforest Calendar)

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    Good Day Reefers,

    Here is an exciting opportunity for you - Ever wanted to see your pictures in a calendar? Here's your opprotunity. Just like every year we prepare a calendar with the best aquatic pictures.

    All you need to do is taking the best picture of your aquarium or Specific Coral/Fish (powered with Aquaforest products!) and send it to us at : @.

    Please note, that we’ll accept only pictures with resolution of at least 150 dpi & 3000 px width. From all the pictures, we'll choose 12 and put them in our calendar. Authors of the featured pictures will receive a calendar and author of the best picture, besides of calendar will receive a special set of our products.
    You have time till 4th November 2018!

    Posting contest pictures in the comments doubles your chances to become one of the authors of AF 2019 Calendar! So, hurry up, the clock is ticking!


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