Aquaforest Life source is the perfect balance of valuable minerals and nutrients

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    Good Day Reefers,

    Have you tried this amazing product from Aquaforest yet? It has amazing color and growth enhancing properties.

    100% natural deposit derived from the cleanest waters of the Pacific – from Fiji. It is perfect as a buffer to enhance microbiology in saltwater aquariums. Biological stabilisation is a crucial factor for corals health. Using the AF Life Source provides corals access to components and minerals derived from the natural environment. The product is also an excellent complement an algae refugium and DSB.

    What does it look like?


    We recommend that you use it a minimum of once a week, adding 10 ml/100 L (27 US gal) aquarium. To ensure that corals permanent access to the minerals dose in a high flow water, it contains valuable minerals and nutrients are permanently released into the aquarium. After dosing, the water will become cloudy, this is perfectly normal and not harmful for the tank inhabitants. Due to its natural origin, the product may contain pieces of coral reef, small rocks and other matter from the natural environment.

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