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    Aquafim, is a German based aquarium additive company that we covered back in 2010 is expanding their products to keep your water parameters in check. Their main line of additive products are in the shape of a cube although they have just recently added liquid form, allowing you to stick in a high flow section of your aquarium such as your sump. Inside the cube are the additives that Aquafim says will keep your marine or freshwater aquarium fully supplied with their respective trace elements. The cubes are said to last up to 60 days depending on your specific aquarium needs. While hard core hobbyists will attack any new additive dosing, casual aquarium owners have another option available to them. For kicks, we have a video below the break that highlights how Aquafim delivers the nutrients for the aquarium and for the time being Aquafim products are only available to our European counterparts. A blister pack of the Sea Koral line retails for roughly 85.95EUR which includes calcium, magnesium, strontium and iodine and will last up two months and cover up to 250 liters. We have hope that these innovative products will be picked up for distribution in the US and UK markets.

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