Aquael Unimax Canister Filters Now Available In South Africa

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    One of the newer additions to our canister filter line, is the UniMax Plus canister filter from Aquael. Aquael is still a relatively new name to the South African market, with a long history of quality products sold in Europe.

    The UniMax Plus is one of the best canister filters to hit the South African market in recent years, with several features that make it both unique, and high performance.

    The feature that really stands out with the UniMax plus, is its internal UV sterilizer, providing unrivaled water quality, with a single piece of equipment. Mechanical, Biological, Chemical, and Sterilization all in one.

    Another cool feature of the UniMax, are the multiple intakes and outlets on the two larger models. This gives you much improved water flow in larger tanks, versus models with only a single inlet and outlet.

    The impeller design is also unique in the unimax, the impeller housing sits below the water level inside the canister, unlike most other units that have the impeller housing above the water level of the canister. This allows for easy priming of the filter, and extra quiet opperation.

    The Unimax models with multiple intakes and outlets, also use a multiple impeller design, which gives you a built in back up should one impeller be damaged, or stop functioning.

    If you are considering a canister filter, give the UniMax a good look, I think that you will be impressed with the features it has when you compare it to some of the other filters available in South Africa. It comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

    Remember you don't have to use all the supplied filter media. You can optimize for use with your marine tank by using any filter media of your choice.

    Pricing is available on our website.
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