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8 May 2007
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AquaEl has a new line of all in one aquariums whose unique geometry is amorphous compared to the very boxy aquariums that we are used to. The AquaEl Sphere and Luna aquariums are solid glass tanks with built in filtration and waterproof LED lighting that are sure to make great little AIOs for the freshwater community.

However, we know that some of you (and us) would love to see some creative reef building that take advantage of the unique shapes of the AquaEl Luna and Sphere aquariums. The Sphere aquarium is available in a small 37cm diameter and a larger 45cm diameter size which holds 48 liters of water, or about 11 gallons.

Unfortunately, the Sphere 37 & Sphere 45 won’t be hitting the North American market until 2017 at the very latest since that is about the time that BiOrb’s patent on “built in filtration for spherical aquariums” will expire. Screw the filtration and just give us the oversized bowl of the Sphere tanks as we’d be happy to put in some show-quality Betta fish inside with a sprinkling of live plants and call it a day.

The more intrepid among us will certainly scoop these up when they arrive to create very unique display of corals and reeflife that are guaranteed to stand out from what anyone else in your reef club currently has. Thankfully, the whole tanks won’t cost that much when they do become available, and we’re expecting a retail price of about $149 for the Luna and $199 for the Sphere 45.

We’re not sure what it is about oddly shaped aquariums that can really grab our attention. Perhaps it’s the decades of looking at mostly square and rectangular boxes of glass, but whatever it is, unique cylinder and spherical aquariums are really on our radar. We know Cobalt Aquatics is cozy with AquaEl so we’ll pester them to bring in some “naked” Sphere 45 tanks without the filters because we want to see what you’ll create with this unique aquarium canvas much sooner than 2017.


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