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    AquaDigitalLife is new monitorning, automation and maintenance hub for your aquarium taking high-tech advances to make aquarium maintenance to the next level for larger aquariums. Sure you could hook this puppy up to a nano system but it would be better suited for larger systems where monitoring and automation would make the investment worth while. The computer-aided center was developed in Russia and is using high-tech monitoring devices along with fully automated control of water levels and parameters, water changes, and emergency standby pumps to name a few. Make sure you click through to see the video demonstation.

    The touch screen computer makes easy access to all the AquaDigitalLife features plus the WiFi connection means you don’t need to hardwire it to the Internet to access the advanced programming and monitoring capabilities. Speaking of Internet features, not only can the system be controlled by any computer or device with internet connectivity.

    We aren’t sure exactly how much the AquaDigitalLife system will cost but we imagine it will definitely take a larger reefing budget to buy into this system. Between this and the Oceanlife display system we brought you last week, aquarium control and automation is going to the next level. The video is pretty snazzy but we didn’t seen any actual images of the system on the website. We’ll definitely keep our eyes on this and would hopefully be able to get a more hands-on look at the AquaDigitalLife in the future.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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    ...GEEEZZZ...wonder how much this puppy costs...:p..damn these different "monitorning" devices coming out now is nice...:)

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