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    The AquaBlade is a new aquarium algae scraper from Continuum Aquatics which bears the hallmarks of a great aquarium maintenance device. Made in the US and keeping jobs at home, Continuum Aquatics will be making the AquaBlade with a white handle to better see the algae that users are trying to remove from the tank walls.

    Similarly to the original Kent Pro Scraper that we have used for over a decade, the AquaBlade will have removable blades which will come in a hardened plastic edge for acrylic tanks, and a nice stainless steel blade for making short work of tough growth on glass tanks. Using the edge of a plastic credit or savings card is fine for scraping tank walls which aren’t overly large in surface area. But when you need to scrape a big tank or if you are an aquarium service technician, having an aquarium scraper like the AquaBlade with a nice ergonomic handle is a lifesaver, especially if you have many tanks to scrape on a daily basis.

    Magnetic algae scrapers can go a long way to keeping the tank walls clean but for the really tough spots of coralline algae and other encrustations, a reinforced edge with a nice handle like the AquaBlade is light years ahead of using a tenuous magnetic connection. Not to mention, unlike aquarium algae magnets there is no danger of picking up particles and accidentally scratching your tank walls, whether they are glass or acrylic.*Furthermore, the AquaBlade’s replaceable blades that allow for a sustained sharpened edge will keep the scraping going smoothly.*Continuum Aquatics expects to release the AquaBlade at the end of the month, with longer handled versions shortly thereafter.

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