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    The AquaBar from is a waterproof LED aquarium striplight whose primary distinction is being made to German quality standards, though it is unclear if is actually made in Germany. Coming in a range of sizes,*the*AquaBar is built in increments of 25 watt modules all the way up to a jumbo 150 watt AquaBar that is over five feet long (162cm).

    The fact that these lights are waterproof and uses all one watt Cree and Edison LEDs adds up to their cost which starts out at 280€ for the 25 watt AquaBar module, before VAT is included. We’re kind of on the fence about what kind of value you can get from a basic, if attractive and durable striplight that costs over 10€ per watt of LED lighting but we’ll reserve judgment for when we see this in person in Germany in a couple weeks. []


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