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    Aqua Vision Aquatics are a new line of aquarium additive and medication products that appeared on Marine Depot this last week. With products to take care of aiptasia to cyanobacteria to excessive phosphates and plenty in between, the Aqua Vision Aquatics line has it covered. The products aren’t specifically anything new and could likely be a relabeled product line carried exclusively on the website similar to the Aquamaxx line.
    Not much information is out there on this line labeled as made by Precision Solutions but just by looking at the names, it brings up similar popular products that have been on the market for years. Here is a list of the new products:

    • Aqua Vision Aquatics Aiptasia Solution
    • Aqua Vision Aquatics Cyano Solution
    • Aqua Vision Aquatics Phosphate Solution
    • Aqua Vision Aquatics Flatworm Solution
    • Aqua Vision Aquatics Garlic Solution
    • Aqua Vision Aquatics Lugol’s Solution
    • Aqua Vision Aquatics Coral Dip Solution
    A more in depth description of the products along with pricing is available on the Marine Depot blog. The pricing is falling in line with many of the similar products on the market already. What is interesting is the product line and packaging design is very similar to what is currently offered by Blue Life USA. We are wondering if these may be packaged as a private label brand from Blue Life sold to major vendors like Marine Depot.
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