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    Aquatrend is an aquarium electronics related manufacturer located in Poland. They are already a well established company with a large line of products, but the brand is currently not very well known outside Poland. Aqua-Trend recently crossed our radar, and all the majority of their products are certainly worth the attention.

    The company’s main focus is a variety of peristaltic dosing pumps, and an aquarium controller named the Poseidon. They produce other aquarium related electronics as well such as a wavemaker, a (very unique and interesting) peristaltic auto top off system, and a “delay switch” for HQI lamps.*The dosing pumps, controller, and auto top off system warrant their own post, simply because it would be a dishonor to throw them all together so expect information on those on the feed soon.

    Aqua-Trend currently has no US distributor, so it at this point is not very likely we’ll see the products appear in the states very soon. The products are however a very interesting as a probe of the Polish reef aquarium market, and some of the product concepts are sure to appeal to manufacturers. So be sure to visit the Aqua-Trend website, and check out some of their products.
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