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    The Aqua-trend Doser One series are some very interesting dosing pump systems. The Doser One pumps are offered in both an entry level model (which is called simply the* Doser One) and a premium* model (The Doser One Evolution). The Doser one functions similarly to most other dosing pumps of the market, allowing the dosing rate to be adjusted on 1 ml intervals.

    The Doser One Evolution on the other hand is a different beast. Claimed by Aqua-Trend to be the most accurate dosing pump on the market, the Doser One Evolution can adjusted with 0.1 ml intervals. Aqua-trend is able to achieve this by using timers that work* by the millisecond, and some really high quality peristaltic dosing heads.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    The Doser One Evolution head unit comes with four dosing pumps, which can be upgraded to a total of seven pumps with the addition of a three pump head expansion model. Each pump can dispense between 0.1 ml to 200ml (1ml intervals once over 5ml) every hour.

    Dosing can be setup on a 24 hour schedule, or if you wanted to get really crazy you could setup on a schedule on a weekly weekly basis. The Doser One Evolution dosing pump furthermore tracks all the liquids dosed, and is able to give an alert if the volume in the container drops below a certain level.






    Be sure to watch the demo of the Aqua-Trend Doser One Evolution pump above, and for more information on the pumps check out the Aqua-Trend website.
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