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    The new Aqua Medic Nano Breeze is an interesting, low-energy nano cooling fan that sips just 1W of power and transfers power to the cooling unit via a pair of conductive metal bars. Taking the approach of both a unique form and function, fan runs on 12VDC and is secured to the aquarium by what appears to be a circular magnetic mount.
    The company notes the 40mm fan runs up to 5500 RPM but we weren’t able to find out how much air these actually move. The fan is splashproof with an IP54 rating, meaning it should take quite a bit of splashing — just short of immersion — and still operate.

    We aren’t sure the exact metal used on the conductive rods but we are hoping they withstand being around saltwater or this just might be one fan destined for the freshwater tank. The fan is already on sale in Europe at around €35 (approx. $47 USD).

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