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    The Aqua Medic Kauderni was just announced by the German company as the lastest in its line of plug-and-play aquariums. Continuing on its nomenclature for fish, the Kauderni is named after the Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) and packs in a lot of features into the 70-gallon (270 liter) system. The Aqua Medic Kauderni ships complete with lighting, filtration, tank and stand.

    aqua-medic-kauderni-back.jpg The aquarium itself is 65.5x60x60 cm (26x24x24 in.) and a total height of 144 cm (57 in.) with the stand. The Kauderni uses a four-chamber filtration system. One chamber is separate from the overfolow holding an Aqua Medic NanoPro 5000 recirculating pump that can be adjusted from 2,000 to 5,000 lph (528 to 1,320 GPH) to add flow in the aquarium. The second chamber is the overflow and filtration area that houses an Aqua Medic Turboflotor Blue 500 protein skimmer. The third and fourth chambers can house foam filters and hold activated carbon, GFO or other resins leading into the return pump, an Aqua Medic Powerfilter 1000.

    The product description states the aquarium uses only 70W of power but this obviously is taking into consideration the filtration and flow pumps since the Kauderni is equipped with 96W of T5 lighting. We assume the Kauderni comes with your typical blend of 10,000K white and actinic blue T5. Although this is adequate lighting for most soft corals, those looking to house SPS or LPS might need more lighting power than what comes out of the box.

    According to the Aqua Medic website, the Kauderni is:

    The stylish way to own a sea water aquarium with plug and play technology.
    The new Kauderni is a sophisticated saltwater aquarium that combines stylish design and perfect functionality. Furthermore, it is easy to operate. Total power consumption is only 70 Watts. The saltwater aquarium system is supplied with a cabinet in a white high gloss finish, integrated internal filtration and complete lighting system built into a high-quality aluminium cover. The front glass of the aquarium is constructed with optiwhite clear glass and the aquarium includes adjustable active ventilation that can be connected, if necessary.

    We’ve been impressed with the simplicity and bubble production of the Aqua Medic protein skimmers in the past and having it tucked nicely into a neat package gives it an edge over other all-in-one aquariums. We would like to see a more robust lighting alternative with an LED or hybrid version available to satisfy the hardcore reefing bunch. Overall first impressions are promising, we are hoping to see this make its way to North America soon.

    [via Aqua Medic and Acuaristica]
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