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    The latest from Aqua Medic is their all-in-one Cubicus which comes with some very nice equipment you don’t have to worry about upgrading, unless you have some power hungry or high maintenance corals. The Aqua Medic Cubicus measures 50 by 60 by 50 cm (~19.5 by 23.5 by 19.5 inches) and features OptiWhite low iron glass (think starphire). The system volume of the Aqua Medic Cubicus comes down to approximately 37 gallons (140 liters), including a rear filtration section separated by a glass instead of plastic panel. The Turboflotor Blue 500 skimmer serves as the systems main filtration powerhouse, and there is additionally room for chemical filtration. The Aqua Medic Cubicus is available with a 50 by 60 by 100 cm gloss white stand (~19.5 by 23.5 by 39 inches)

    Also included is the adjustable NanoProp 5000 powerhead, which can be adjusted for flow rates between 500 – 1,250 gph using 3 and 7 watt respectively. Lighting on the Aqua Medic Cubicus is provided by the included aquareefLED which features 18 high performance 3 watt Cree LEDs with seven blue LEDs and 11 12.000 K white LEDs both adjustable independently. The total wattage of the aquareefLED comes down to around 50 watts.

    No word yet on pricing, but with low iron glass, and the included equipment expect it to come at a premium.
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