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    The Aqua Medic Aquareef is the latest LED fixture from the German manufacturer. Featuring a simple water proof black anodized aluminum body, and around 50 watts of LED power, along with basic controls, the Aquareef LED certainly is not a game changer in the market but should be a solid fixture nonetheless.* The Aqua Medic fixture rocks 18 x 3 watt LEDs total in a combination of seven blues and 11 x 12,000 ° K whites. Both color channels are dimmable through an included controller, which sits independent of the fixture.

    The Aqua Medic Aquareef LED fixtures are designed to be mounted on the back of a rimless system, featuring a design oddly familiar to the SunBrite Slimline series. Although the mount might not be the most aesthetically pleasing around, it should certainly get the job done. If you are not into mounts you can additionally* suspend the fixture with a hanging kit. The whole fixture is passively cooled, and should be virtually silent upon operation.


    The fixture retails in Europe anywhere from 325 all the way up to 460 euros depending on the country the fixture is purchased in. Considering that these prices include taxes which are basically counter balanced with the current exchange rate the US will likely see similar pricing* (between $325 and $460) but the exact price is currently unknown.

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