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8 May 2007
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A late Summer clearance on Aqua Illumination LED products point to a refreshed lighting unit soon. The clearance savings is generally unheard of as the company tends to price their product at a premium and aggressively protect those pricing at stores and online resellers. The timing is perfect as the hobby officially is kick-started again every September when school is back in session at the United States, and the rest of the world is too. Right now you can scoop up the Prime with a 10% discount and the Hydra and H52. Ecotech Marine is offering a 10% discount on their XR30W and XR15W and are carrying sale price across Bulk Reef Supply, Marine Depot, Salty Supply and Aquarium Specialty. Interestingly, the retailers simultaneously all sent out notices to their customers to advertise the savings.

The discounts point to incoming next-gen hardware to be released soon, which experts point to MACNA; the annual hobbyist convention for hard-core saltwater aquatics fans. The rumors of new features include refreshed light emitting diode technology, improved wireless reception among other features. If you have not hopped on the LED bandwagon now is a good time as any to pick up these units at a bargain before the new goods are released.

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