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    We recently came across the Aqua Engine DC pumps and wanted to share more details of these DC pumps from China. The company had its products on display at MACNA 2014 and we are now starting to see these pumps hit the US market.

    There are two different designs we are seeing, the Aqua Engine DC6000 that puts out 1,585 GPH at 36W and the larger Aqua Engine DC11000 can put out up to 2,905 GPH at 85W at full power. According to one retailer, the Aqua Engine DC pumps are a higher quality than other Chinese pumps like the Jebao DC pumps.


    Both pumps come with a controller that allows for programming in 1% increments that even includes pulse modes for closed loop systems. If you want to take one of these home, it will run you around $199.99 for the DC6000 and $249.99 for the DC11000.

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