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8 May 2007
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Innovative aquarium device maker Aqua El will soon be releasing a DC version of their unique inline water pump. As far as we know, Aqua El doesn’t offer their inline pump separately, which in the North American market is represented by Cobalt Aquatics and the EXT Inline pump which is available on its own.

The new DC version of the EXT inline pump will push the same 210 gallons per hour as its AC predecessor, and it’ll consume roughly the same amount of power. But like the Neoflow the direct current EXT will feature an adjustment knob right on the power supply so users will be able to fine tune the flow rate they would like from the EXT-DC pump.

This completely in-line style of water pump is rare in the aquarium hobby and market, making the device uniquely suited for certain applications, and small tanks and media reactors seem like a prime example. It’ll be a while still before Aqua El officially releases the DC version of this innovative device, and probably a little while after that when we can expect Cobalt Aquatics to offer it to aquarists in the Americas.

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