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    Aqamai is the name of a brand new line of aquarium products from Hydor being announced this weekend at InterZoo. Billed as the ‘Internet of Tanks’, Akamai is not just a new product, or group of devices, but an entire way of thinking about how Hydor wants to move forward in the advanced side of the aquarium hobby.

    This new line of Internet of Tanks products will include LED lighting, a circulation pump, and many more devices in the future to create a holistic aquarium environment ecosystem. All of the new Akamai lights and pumps will be controlled wirelessly through a single common smartphone application which will be available for both Android and iOS.

    The Aqamai LED light from Hydor will include lighting a series of LEDs of different colors: UV, Indigo, Royal Blue, Blue, White, Green, and two Red with different wavelengths with a combined spectrum close to 12,000° Kelvin. The Aqamai pump will also be introduced, a DC controllable pump with a maximum flow rate of up to 4,500 liters per hour.

    Of course the Aqamai LED will be variably adjustable in both color and intensity, and the Aqamai pump will be silent and controllable, both of which will be managed and programmed through the mobile application. Hydor has been a major player in the mainstream aquarium market for a solid decade now, and the time is ripe to see what they can do in the more advanced side of the aquarium hobby.

    We truly look forward to seeing what the new Aqamai Internet of Tanks is all about. The brand will be presented in the Hydor Group booth, hall 1 booth 536, which will be its own pop-up stand featuring the first of what will hopefully be many new aquarium products under the Aqamai umbrella.
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