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8 May 2007
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The aPump Maxi is a new model of the incredibly silent and powerful aPump from Aqualighter. Reef Aquarium needs for air pumps are relatively few but the aPump Maxi’s new dual outlet design should make this model capable of driving some smaller wooden air stone protein skimmers.

The new larger aPump Maxi is just a tiny bit thicker than the original aPump and still pushes 200 liters of air per hour, while consuming a paltry three watts. That’s 3 with no zeroes, watts. The aPump is slated to be distributed by Cobalt Aquatics as the Phantom air pump in the near future, and we can only hope that the Fantom Maxi or Fantom Duo is also a part of that distribution deal as both of these little air generators would be perfect for small aquarium and nano skimmer applications.

The aPump Maxi can pump to a depth of up to 80cm , almost 32 inches, while producing less than 40dB of noise, and it has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $25.99. [Aqualighter]

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