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    Apogonichthyoides sialis is one of the least known cardinalfish in the aquarium trade. They are not common but unusal in a family of cardinalfish that contains over three hundred species.*Apogonighthyoides sialis has only three colors. The anterior part is colored with grey and the posterior is white, with two black bar crossing vertically from their dorsal fins to mid body with one small black dot on the caudal peduncle. They will grow to maximum length of 14 centimeters, which considered quite large for those cardinals.

    This species is widespread in indo-pacific; ranging from South China sea to the east coast of India, but they are not well known and rarely get into aquarist hand. The one shown in this picture is a specimen caught off Ranong cost, Western Thailand- Andaman Sea.*It will form a loose shoal in the middle of the water column.

    Considered a durable aquarium fish that are easy to feed and keep like other related species. However, it is somewhat aggressive to the smaller fishes especially to those very different in size.
    Without any bright color, it could be as attractive as the others. So I would says that the phrase ‘Simple but nice’, would be a term that really fit this fish.


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