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    Earlier this year when we wrote about the iPhone Light Meter, we implored the inventors out there to develop something like it for aquarium use. Well our calls were partially heard because we’ve gotten word that something along those lines is in development as we speak and should be a nice intermediate to having a smartphone PAR meter.

    Most of us all already have some kind of a computer either in a phone of laptop form factor, and with this in mind Apogee is apparently putting the finishing touches on a USB PAR Meter. A fully equipped PAR Meter from Apogee presently costs just south of $400 for the entire assembly but Apogee also offers up bare quantum sensors for measuring Photosynthetically Active Radiation for just $155.

    Presumably, a standalone USB PAR meter could be offered up for a reasonable $200 and paired up with our own laptops and computers, a feature which would further streamline the process of logging different PAR data points. The Apogee USB PAR meter in the U.S. is a collaboration with Aquarium Specialty’s Biotek Marine brand and we should see some kind of tangible announcement about this new device sometime early next year – stay tuned.

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