Apisto & Killi Workshops

15 Dec 2007
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Apisto & Killi Workshops - I know this is tropical but a lot of us are into both :m12:

Pet Stop SA is proud to announce a 1 ½ hour workshop on Killifish and a 1 ½ Apistogramma’s workshop respectively.

This workshop would include the following:
Killifish -
• Theoretical background on killifish
• Suitable companions for killifish community aquariums
• Conditioning killifish
• Practical Design and building of spawning mops
• Practical Peat preparation and egg preservation in peat
• Tips on breeding killifish

Apistogramma –
• Theoretical background on Apisto’s
• Suitable companions for an Apisto community aquariums
• Conditioning Apisto’s
• Practical design of breeding caves
• Tips on breeding Apisto’s

Included in the packages are all materials, bottled water, notepads and coffee or tea.

The Killifish workshop will be on 29/09/2015
Apisto’s workshop will be on 30/09/2015

BOOKINGS are essential as we can only accommodate 16 individuals MAX in the conference location.
COST is only R 50-00 / delegate.

To make a booking send an email to info@petstopsa.co.za and they will give you full details
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