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    Apex Ready and Apex Ready plus are part of a new initiative by Neptune Systems to turbocharge its interoperability with existing electronic aquarium devices. There already exists a wide range of accessories and functional modules for the Apex aquarium controller system and with Apex Ready a whole lot more products will plug and play with the Apex, especially LED lights. *Aquarium products that are certified Apex Ready will have a basic cable plugged directly into them, such as the AcanLighting units or Tunze controllable pumps, and basic functions of those devices will be recognized and accessible right within the Apex status and control dashboard.*

    Aquarium devices which are certified Apex Ready + (plus) will also have some way of interfacing with the Apex controller physically or wirelessly such as with the WXM module for Ecosmart products. Apex Ready + aquarium devices will have have an added degree of fine-tuned controllability such as lightning and custom color modes in higher end LED lights, and loads of other functions in everything from dosing pumps to protein skimmers. Speaking of the dashboard, the Neptune Systems graphical interface is getting quite a face lift with a very touch-friendly look and feel so that all the goodness of Apex Ready access via the Apex controller will be even more within reach.

    Aquarium products that have been interoperable with the Apex system are already beginning to roll out a little bit of Apex Ready branding and we assume that more products in*the*future will want to join the Apex Ready club. Although the Neptune Systems website has already gotten a shiny new facelift, it’ll be while still until we see the new customizable Dashboard for controlling and monitoring the Apex online.

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