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    The forthcoming Apex Fusion is inching ever closer to release and with it, a suite of tantalizing new features. In addition to the new streamlined interfaces and mobile centric design, the thing we are most looking forward to leveraging is Apex Fusion’s ability to really finely tune the flow characteristics of our beloved Vortech pumps.

    What’s essentially going with Apex Fusion is that the fine grained controls we’ve come to love on multichannel LED lights are being applied to the similarly “dimmable” Vortech pumps. We suppose these new features of Apex Fusion will also be available to a host of controllable DC pumps, but with Vortechs there is an added layer of built-in programming.

    Honestly, at first the novice user will not know what to do with all of this geeky flow control and it’ll be a while before the rest of us figure out what to do with it too. Between laminar, turbulent and oscillatory flow patterns, a range of flow speeds and large scale changes in mass water movement of the aquarium water, there’s plenty of details for us to tweak and experiment.

    In our quest to enhance photosynthesis during daylight hours, nutrient export throughout the day and particle capture during scheduled feeding times, Apex Fusion unlocks a world of potential gains through this newfound control. The new software for Neptune Systems Apex Aquacontroller is still in beta testing, but we have high hopes for all of the things that it brings when it is finally unleashed.

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