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    It appears as though Neptune Systems’ WXM module for the Apex Controller will finally get the keys to operate the Ecotech Marine Radion LED light. Originally designed for use with Ecotech’s own Vortech pumps, the WXM module has been stuck in Vortech limbo since its inception although the Radion LED light has been available for nearly two years.

    The Reef Angel controller has had some level of access to both Radions and Vortechs since last summer but this was the result of some level of hacking, and not a full sanctioned and thoroughly implemented solution by the Radion’s overlords. The news of the WXM modules’ impending upgrade comes not as a full reveal but as a carefully crafted teaser on Neptune Systems’ facebook page, where a teaser close up of a Radion LED cluster was shared, with no other details.

    As a veteran of the marine aquarium controller space, Neptune Systems prefers to roll out these kinds of products and updates through long, limited beta testing, and lots of refinements before the goods are actually ready. Some deduction would estimate that*once a beta testing of the Apex+WXM+Radion is in full swing, a couple months later we might see the firmware update and documentation roll out to the general public.

    We expect that a full implementation of the Apex commanding Radion lights via the WXM could, at its best, look like an incorporation of Ecosmart Live’s incredible programming powers. At the very least it would allow access to timing, intensity and some functions in a manner that fits the design aesthetic of the new Apex Dashboard. There’s no way to know what features will and won’t make it, or when, but Neptune Systems loves reading Reef Builders so now would be a good time to root for your favorite functions in the comments.
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