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8 May 2007
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It’s been a long time coming – today Reed Mariculture finally settled on a name for their new product line for Aquarists, Propagaters and Breeders – hence “APBreed”. *This product line is deep, pulling from Reed’s mariculture products to bring offerings to smaller businesses and in-over-their-heads hobbyists who seldom need the bulk quantities that a commercial foodfish propagator uses. *While some of the products in the new APBreed line are existing products in smaller-sizes, three products are standouts, new from Reed.

Parvocalanus crassirostris copepods (specifically the baby, nauplii stage) represent one of the cutting edge larval feeds now available for marine fish breeding. *Dwarf Angelfish (Centropyge sp.) can be reared with this prey item – who knows what other applications *intrepid breeders will discover. *Reed is the second company to enter the market with this species this year – it will be interesting to see how their offering compares with that of Florida-based Algagen.

RGComplete (aka. Roti-Grow Complete) is a new form of RotiGrow Plus, and will probably take center stage as the most cutting edge, high-tech Rotifer-growing diet available to hobbyists. *The fact that it will come in hobbyist-friendly sizes, at hobbyist-friendly prices, means you won’t be buying a 2 year supply just to keep a 5 gallon bucket of rotifers going. *Based on my understanding of what RGComplete includes, its use *should help provide for the most stable, reliable rotifer culturing protocol to date.

TDO (aka. Top-Dressed Otohime) has everyone in the breeding community excited. *Small scale field trials conducted by clownfish-breeder David Durr (comparing traditional Otohime, Otohime + Cyclop-EEZE, and TDO), and previewed at the 2nd annual MBI Breeder’s Workshop, just about speak for themselves.


However, what has me even more excited are the applications for this exceptional feed beyond the breeding sphere. *Take for example, these Four Eye Butterflyfish, who pound the C1 size of TDO like it’s fish-crack.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Reed Mariculture is quick to point out that this is only the beginning of the APBreed line, with more products to come. *You could keep an eye on the new APBreed website for forthcoming new products, or just kick back and let Reefbuilders keep bringing the news right to you!

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