Anybody knows where to get this heater

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    I am trying to get a few of the smaller heaters (see picture), the reason for the specific heater is size related. The smallest aquarium heaters I have come across in South Africa are still pretty large for use in a smaller tank. Anybody know of a MASA dealer or distributor based in South Africa or do I need to order via Amazon

    Any help would be appreciated




    Modern plastic heaters with termoregulation. Exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage.

    Product index: 000000000000103197

    Modern plastic heaters with termoregulation. Exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage. Its flat shape allows for unhindered installation on any aquarium wall. It can also operate installed horizontally ? ideal solution for aquaterrariums with turtles:
    - absolutely unbreakable
    - wide range of precise regulation
    - fully submersible (IP68 standard)
    - very small size
    - double hanger
    - safe for fish (no burn)
    - overheating switch control
    - easy to install and service

    Product features
    Gross weight: not available
    Quantity in wholesale packaging: not available
    Width of packaging: not available
    Length of packaging: not available
    Heigth of packaging: not available
    Wattage: 25 W
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    Jin Li Jia Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

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