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    If either the Anampses lennardi or the xanthic potter’s angelfish had landed this week, it would have been good news for rare fish fanciers. If these kinds of rare wrasses and angelfish make your heart skip a beat, having both of these amazing fish caught for aquarium life in the same week is simply a dream Can you tell that we like them a little bit? xanthic-potters-angelfish.jpg

    The Xanthic Potter’s Angelfish was captured this week by Dave Kelly of Pacific Tropics. No potter’s angelfish has ever been documented showing this coloration, and we hope this fish holds that color because whoever ends up buying this fish is going to be shelling out big bucks for the privilege to own it. Big thanks to Martynas Justinevicius of Glide Photos for sharing an amazing shot of this one-of-a-kind Centropyge.


    Anampses lennardi is a very unique looking wrasse species which is very rarely offered in the trade, and never by the dozen. Route 66 Marine specially commissioned the capture of the crazy lookinglennardi wrasses from their suppliers in Western Australia and they’ve already been distributed to the finest retail livestock dealers in the nation. The photo above of Anampses lennardi was made by Lluis Riscelleda-Turon of House of Fins in Greenwich, CT. HOF has already sold their pair of lennardi wrasses but they insisted for the fish to be allowed to be conditioned (and displayed) in the shop for ten days before going home with their new owner.
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