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    The infamous House of Fins is gearing up for another SPLASH event this year and it seems like this one will be a doozy. The world’s best marine aquarium speakers together with a suite of the rarest and most exotic fish will make the 53rd anniversary sale not to be missed for any marine aquarist in the northeast US.

    Being their annual birthday sale, HoF will be offering a whole suite of high end freshwater and saltwater aquarium gear at their lowest prices of the year, the livestock too. A veritable who’s who of the most elusive reef fish will be gathered in a concentration at House of Fins the likes of which is only usually seen at previous years of SPLASH. Some of these fish even we’ve never seen before!

    Awesome angels, beautiful butterflies, gorgeous groupers and many more marine oddities will be on display this weekend like nowhere else. Of course there’ll be plenty of great corals, “regular” reef fish, freshwater fish and plants to look as well. But if you’re not coming to gawk at wild fish or pick up some new aquarium gear, at least you can go for an education.

    Julian Sprung, Bob Fenner, Felicia McCaulley and a bellicose Italian reefer from Florida will be presenting on a range of topics throughout both Saturday and Sunday to learn you something good about saltwater tanks. The action begins this Saturday October 19th and wraps up Sunday so if you’re within driving or traingin distance, you owe your hobby to be at 99 Bruce Park Avenue in Greenwich CT. Full details of schedule and discounts are available on the official SPLASH webpage.

    [​IMG]A one of a kind aberrant “ghost” tomini tang will be making a world debut at HoF this weekend

    [​IMG]A one of a kind aberrant “ghost” tomini tang will be making a world debut at HoF this weekend

    [​IMG]This crazy beautiful Polleni grouper is perhaps the first one ever exported from the South Pacific

    [​IMG]We can never get enough of the illustrious wrought iron butterflyfish

    [​IMG]House of Fins has succeeded in obtaining perhaps the first pair of Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish ORA has ever shipped within the US.

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