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15 Jun 2007
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Kuilsriver - Western Cape
Hey peeps, please help

I have to move during the last half of August, so naturally there's some things I need to take into consideration when moving the tank (what a daunting task, arrrrg!).

Currently I stay on a farm, with bore hole water that I use to top up. No probs there, probably not right, but that's my way and the tanks fine. Thus the predicament.

I'm moving to a house with municipal water supply, which means it's cantaminated and full of chlorine. How do I do topups without an RO unit? It's also too far to go to the other okes to get some (50 kms), and LFS doesn't do RO (that I know of?).

Is there a way this water could be easily treated to avoid contamination? Maybe like declorinating the water and boiling it? Cash is a bit of an issue at this point (sick kid) so an RO is a stretch, bit above my limit now... (except if someone's got a cheap one they want to part with).

Please help, oh, and EL guys, is there some of you that may have enouch drums I can borrow for the move? I have only 1 50 liter with I use for water changes, I need enough 4 about 400 liters (incl LR and substrate).

Appreciate the help here
Waterboy might have a retrofitted / rebuilt RO unit to offer. Contact him first.
Good luck with the move, I am sure there are enough EL guys that can help. After all... They from the Eastern Cape ;)
Wow Reaper i dont envy the task of moving a system, very stressfull. I would contact the waterboy to see if he can help you out here. Otherwise some of the guys that have been in the hobby a long time might be able to advise you, RO and DI units are fairly recent additions to the hobby and the guys must have done something before this.
If you run out of options I suppose the best way would be to just use a water treatment that removes chlorine and chloramine, 2 good ones are Bio Elite dechlor (quite cheap) and then there's the waterlife one which I have used in emergencies called Haloex
And after cholrine treatment, run a bag of phosphate remover in there with a circ pump for a day or two. I'm no expert but I think the three main concerns would be Chlorine, Chloramine and Phsophate.
Before we used RO we had pretty good success with straight tap water for water changes and top-up, chlorine disipates very quickly, I'm not sure about chloramines. In small top-up quantities Chlorine not a prob.

Do lots of water changes (NSW ok in East london?) and you will be fine I'm sure.
reaper i have a 1000l drum you can burrow;) also i have a ro so if you want water gimme a call
Chloramines are another story it might be advisable to check with the water supplier which you have. Generally filtering through carbon will get rid of chlorine and most contaminants.
Hey folks,

Thanx for all the advice, as usual, hehe. I spoke to Marco, and voila. I'm getting a good 2nd hand for a real good price, so I'm sorted.

Marco, if you read this, thanx mate, you're the best...
The man always makes a plan.
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