Another Great shipment received

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    Hi Eveyone.

    Yup, we are really bringing them in this month!! Here's some more Fish and Inverts.

    Pyramid Butterfly - R359.00ea (difficult to get hold of)
    Vagabond Butterfly - R129.00ea
    Redfin Butterfly - R129.00ea
    Powder Blue Tangs - R459.00ea
    Emperor Angel - Juv - R495.00ea
    Koran Angel - Juv - R289.00ea
    Red Fairy Anthias - R105.00ea
    Chocolate Tangs - R269.00ea (also know as Mimic Tangs)
    Coral Hawkfish - R98.00ea
    Picture Wrass - R129.00ea
    Leopard Goby - R105.00ea
    Red Tailed Blenny - R129.00ea
    Golden Wrass - R105.00ea
    Cleaner wrass - R98.0ea
    Longfin Fairy Wrass - R179.00ea
    Clark's Clowns - R105.00ea
    Long Tentacle Anemone - R359.00ea
    Cleaner Shrimps - R239.00ea
    Dancing Shrimps - R105.00ea.

    There a load of stock in store now so come in and grab some great stuff at low prices!!



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