Announcement: Reef Aquatics and Blue Treasure Salt !!!

18 Dec 2012
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Never thought that suppliers would do this and I always thought we had a gentlemens agreement between ourselves but obviously not :(

There are so many avenues to import the same brands/products into the country, but out of respect this is something we will never do.

Reef Aquatics has researched and introduced Blue Treasure Salt to beyond Cape Town's borders, in the online space and to this forum community. We have all worked extremely hard at marketing this brand to be one of the trusted salt brands in the market in South Africa. Building up a large customer base depending on their regular salt supply.

It was pretty sad to find out when wanting to placed another salt order that a few guys have all chipped together to order far larger than us in order to claim exclusive suppliers now to South Africa, thus now preventing us from this product.

Even more to our disappointment we reluctantly negotiated and settled to pay for re-branding this salt brand with our own label, EVEN THIS WAS STOPPED !!!

So I guess were one door closes another opens.

Apologies to our current customers who support us and will now have to go elsewhere, this was not in our control.

This is still a great salt and highly recommended buy us, but unfortunately Reef Aquatics are only selling what we have left in stock.

@bryan, please this is not at all aimed at you but your supplier. Congrats on a great product.

Happy Reefing All ...
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