Angelfish comparison

27 Nov 2014
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Bloemfontein, Freestate
Hi guys,

I recently visited my lfs and they had a fish tagged a vermiculited angelfish, so I did some research. The fish they had did not exactly match the pictures so I continued searching and found the cream angel or Apolemichthys xanthurus. They seem to look identical as juveniles
But the cream is considered "easy" and the vermiculited "difficult".
Why is the true vermiculited angel even up for sale? I could not find any other info so I would like your opinion and experiences with these fish and which is better looks wise and behaviorally. I won't be adding one to my system, I'm just curious about these fish.

It's possible the shop has maybe mislabelled the fish, it does happen, especially with Juveniles that look so similar. I've never owned one so can't comment on their care.
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