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Discussion in 'Anemone's' started by magman, 28 Dec 2009.

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    Hi Brenda,

    Hope you well,

    A few quick observations that I hope you can help with. Would you agree that the larger the foot, the base of the anenome the greater the flow it requires, example mags with a larger foot prefer higher flow vs crispa with a smaller foot and does not really appreciate the vortech in it's mouth.

    Also the larger foots are the more delicate for marine aqueria or the least propogation is a no go for them.

    Would you agree, or am I on nori.
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    Not Necessarily. Carpet anemones are a difficult anemone to keep that require more flow, and do not typically have an extremely large foot. You also have to remember that the anemone is expandable, including the foot. When it is on the move, it will be larger.

    H. magnifica have split in captivity successfully. I believe we will one day see them being propagated successfully.

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