Anenome disaster

6 May 2007
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Hi all, Need some urgent advice! I got home today to find that my anenome had died and was seriously rotten. All was Ok when I last looked at the tank last night (anenome was still open) and I left this morning before the lights had come on. Got back this evening and found a disintergrating anenome which serious contaminated the water as I tried to get it out of the tank. My question is what now? I will only be able to do about a 25L water change tonight (system volume about 350l). The water is serious nasty. Any suggestions?
Thanks Viper. i was hoping to get some water tomorrow at Vetch's after the meeting but the water is terrible at the moment. Guess my RO system is going into overdrive!
Thanks Sunburst. I have filled the inlet chamber of my sump with charcoal. Guess I will also be in the market for charcoal tomorrow!

As an aside, any ideas about what could have happened to the anenome. He/she was still fine yesterday. last ate about two days ago. Was still attached to the live rock in his/her preferreed spot. No indications of colour loss etc. I am very surprised that it went from (what i thought was) OK to rotten in such a short space of time.
Sorry...cannot offer any clues. A rapid change in health??? Ammonia perhaps. Check pH and redox. Could indicate something else has died which is causing the problem.
Never kept anemones so not sure the issues that would cause such a rapid loss in tissue. Does seem odd tho.
this why you pay so much for a skimmer.... it will subside but proceed with water changes and heavy skimming... carbon is a bonus.... i have gone through this many times the morning after a consignment has landed in the shop i worked in and the fish and coral dont stress as much as youd thinkbut prolonged exposure to contaminated water will lead to disaster....

good luck...
damn sorry to hear about your loss and disaster kevin.well guess the crew mentioned almost everything to be done
Hey Kevin sorry for the loss. How long have you had the nenny?
Thanks all. Water is looking a lot better. Various nitrogenous compunds are all still way up though.

I am still runnung my system on a small Tunze skimmer as I have a small bioload Leslie. Working its butt off at the moment! A new skimmer is also on the list of things to get sometime soon.....

Alan, I have had the anenome for about 6 weeks. Thought that it would be over any potential effects of transportation.
How many litters is the system..Mine got eatenby my power head and only went murky and skimate was pouring all over the fall cause it skimmed so much and my tank was 100l so maybe a new skimmer would be better
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