Anemonies Truth or Hogwash

Discussion in 'Anemone's' started by cutterdoc, 13 Feb 2016.

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    Hi I am very new to the hobby, I was hoping some clever greybeard ( see how I connected book knowledge with experience in two words) could tell me if this is true? World Anemonies populations are decreasing dramatically due to captive Anemonie's only surviving an average age of 5 in captivity vs 70 + in nature?
    WRT ( and who said surgeons were only technicians)
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    Yes, apparently some species of Anemone's can live for over 100 years, actually I think I can recall reading somewhere that they are basically immortal as their cell structure doesn't age, or something to that effect, although I'm not quite sure how they've measured that. :p But yeah, true statement.

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