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    well i am not Brenda but that was a very interesting article !!

    Very little there goes against any of the information that is usually given out by MASA members

    And to answer your Q as to why they dont last in tanks ..... well i think it is the lack of knowledge of the reefers ..... nennies are complicated creatures in many aspects.

    On a side note and i am sure Brenda will agree, the rape of the wild nennie population is a disgrace given the relative ease at which they are aquacultured !
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    I read through the article, and don't see anything that is NOT true. This doesn't mean that 5 years from now we will have evidence that will make some parts of this article incorrect.

    As far as anemones living forever, nobody really knows this for sure. There are reports that anemones live for hundreds of years. I even read one that said over a thousand years. I lean towards the living forever theory.

    Why do they die within years in captivity....The list is endless, but as Neil stated, lack of knowledge is a big part of it. In the last 10 years there has been a lot of progress in understanding these creatures. Hopefully that will continue.

    In captivity we rely on equipment to sustain a small volume of water. The ocean is huge, and mother nature takes care of it. The equipment we use is sometimes deadly to anemones such as powerheads or insufficient lighting.

    Water parameters are another problem. Water parameters can go down hill quickly in captivity, they don't change so fast in the ocean. There are also no power outages there, no mixing of salt, no sitting in a plastic bag for a few days waiting to board an airplane and no heaters or chillers to malfunction. The ocean also has plenty of cleanup crew members to clean up the dead.

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