Andreas 1.8m Tank

14 Feb 2008
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So the time has almost come for me to start my 6ft tank.I should be able to start filling it up with water by next weekend. Thanks to everyone for their advice over the last 5 months and hopefully I've learned enough to make it a success.:thumbup:
Here is a pic as the tank stand now. Tiling should be finished by tomorrow

Where's the sneaker motor going, sump or display tank?

Nice, have you got your sump and all your plumbing sorted?
You must be exited Andreas, enjoy setting up and have patience with the cycling - I'll keeping an eye on this one ;)
Nice, have you got your sump and all your plumbing sorted?
I will start the plumbing this week. I've already bought all the pipes and fittings. had to go to Astore 3 times because I kept on forgetting something:whistling: the sump is ready for the TS4 but still need to buy playsand
Hell it's about time!
Dont know why i sold this tank, wana swop for my cube :p
Where's the perspex?
I just placed the tank to see what it would look like there. Tiling is eventually complete so should move in, in the next couple of days:)

Dont even think about it. Do you know how long it took me to clean it:razz:
I am planning on sticking the Seios brackets onto the perspex because I dont want to spend so much money on magnets. Will super glue work on perspex?I saw a special glue when I bought the ABS sheeting
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