And so it begins

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    Hello All

    I have been a member for some time wanting to start a tank & had some ideas of what I wanted to do - but there is so much info out there! who is telling the truth? what is good & what is bad?

    So one has to start some where & when I was offered a tank "Glass" really cheap I decided to start!

    My tank is only 1M X .5M X .5M it's a good starting point to try different thing & work out what will be best if I decide to go large!

    my tank is just less then a week old & as you can see just got some Live Rock & some filters which I think in time I will remove.

    I have no sump & or skimmer, I will not have a sump I do not like them to be honest & will suffer for being how I am! the chances are I will get a skimmer.

    the only thing it seems very one agrees on is R/O water the rest seems to be up for debate!

    the biggest down fall is I want it NOW! & i think that going to cost me money & marine life in the long run!

    But thats how some of us are made lets hope this hobby helps me learn to slow down.




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